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November 24, 2008

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October 30, 2008

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Flex Explorers

October 25, 2008


Flex Style Explorer
Flex Style Creator
Easing Effects Explorer
Flex Filter Explorer
Color Explorer
Charting Components Explorer
Flex Chart Explorer
Adobe Flex 2 Component Explorer
Adobe Flex 3 Component Explorer
Flex Samples Explorer
Flex 2.0 Samples Explorer
Cairngorm Diagram Explorer
Flex Primitive Explorer
Flex Enhanced Button Skin Explorer
Flex Text Effects Explorer
Reflection Explorer
Distortion Effects Explorer

Resize Manager
Flex Games
Flex Sports Clothing Uniform
Random Walk
Flex Super Panel
DataGrid Row Color
Chart Range Selection Component
Dual Slider
Advance Form
Drag Tile
Word Information
FlexLib Component List
Flex Samples
Flex Samples
Flex Applications
Scrawl Example
Display Shelf
Rating Component

flex comp

October 25, 2008
Adobe Flex :: Rich Internet Applications
Adobe ::
2007 Amgen Tour of California TourTracker 2.0 :: More info
Adobe ::
Dashboard :: Sales data analysis :: More info
Adobe ::
FlexStore :: More info
Adobe ::
Hybrid Store :: Flex working with HTML :: More info
Adobe ::
Photo Viewer :: More info
Adobe ::
Restaurant Finder :: More info
Fauxto :: Photoshop-like image editor
Alex Styler ::
Flex, Yahoo! Maps & RSS Feeds :: See the day’s earthquakes, and more!
Amit Gupta ::
E41ST :: Amazon/Library mashup :: More info
Andrew Muller ::
Video Show & Snapp App :: More info
Andrew Trice ::
Census Data Mashup :: More info
Andrew Wason ::
MotionBox :: Video sharing
Ben Robinson ::
Bill Brittain ::
Is2 Quickbooks Web Client :: More info
Christophe Coenraets ::
Flex and JMS: Portfolio Viewer :: More info
Christophe Coenraets ::
Google Maps Collaboration using Flex, Flash Media Server and AJAX
Coker Isaac, James Mark, William Ukoh :: Premeet Collaborative Portal :: An interactive RIA developed to foster collaboration and break-the-ice between conference attendees before the actual physical meeting
Daniel Hai ::
Onyx :: Video Mixer :: More info ::
Belgecom TV
Darin Kohles ::
Diamond Selector
Darron Schall ::
Just Freakin’ Cool :: Commodore 64 emulator
David Brannan ::
Exam Professor
Digital Positions :: :: Online jewelery store :: More info
Ely Greenfield ::
Flickr Roulette :: More info
Erik Loehfelm ::
Haworth Product Catalog
EyeJot ::
Video Messaging Service :: More info
Fairfax Business Media ::
AFR Access :: Investment tool for Australian Financial Review
Fidelity ::
Trading Knowledge Center :: More info :: A social networking site that allows users to create “personal pages where you can post pictures, upload video or audio and even draw or write stuff”
FTDG & StarNetSys ::
Dow Jones Averages Interactive Learning Center
Gary Gilbert ::
Photo Album
Graham Weldon ::
Weather Information Service :: More info
Hilary Bridel ::
Australian Weather Observations :: More info
in2M ::
Mvelopes :: Personal budgeting
James Ward ::
Flex Paint
Joe Berkovitz ::
ReviewTube :: YouTube videos with time-bases captions – “a graffiti wall for YouTube” :: More info :: Source code
Joh. Enschedé ::
Amsterdam Airport Noise Monitoring System :: More info
John Grden ::
Xray Flash Debugger :: Start this test swf 1st :: More info
Josh Tynjala ::
MXNA Dashboard :: More info
Kevin Ewoldt ::
Quik-Schema Data Modeler
Kevin Kazmierczak ::
SQLAdmin :: Open source on SourceForge
Laura Arguella ::
ToDo List :: More info
Matthew Bergsma ::
FlexPM :: Project management :: More info
MediaCatalyst :: Sony Ericsson :: Phone Store
Mindomo ::
Mind Mapping
Mingjie Zhu ::
Jawbreaker Game
Nahuel Forenda :: HomeLocator :: More info
Nationwide ::
Savings & Investment Navigator
Renaun Erickson ::
Flex Search Mashup :: More info
Richard Brownell ::
A Short RPG Adventure
Rick Englert ::
PicFindr :: Find copyleft picts :: More info
Simon Barber :: MXNA Viewer
Stanley Marrder ::
Xotel Frontdest :: Hotel reservation app
Ted Patrick ::
TagTV :: Dev time = 8 hours
Thomas Gonzalez ::
BrightPoint Dashboard :: Sales & profit analysis :: More info
Tim McLeod & Kevin Harris ::
Lesson Builder :: More info
Tim Scollick ::
Flickr / YouTube Tag Search
Tony Kirman ::
Trenitalia ::
Real-Time Italian Train Info
Yahoo :: Yahoo Maps
Zilun Gong :: Country Finder

Flex Favourites

October 25, 2008
Ready Skinned Flex Components:
Flex Examples:
Flex Examples
Flex Styles
Adobe :: Style Explorer

Compilations’s Showcase Page

· Adobe :: Dashboard :: Sales data analysis :: More info :: Note that this RIA is a collaborative application (many users, any user can make choices, all users see results) but Adobe has disabled this functionality for this demo
· Adobe :: FlexStore :: More info
· Amit Gupta :: E41ST :: Amazon/Library mashup :: More info
· Christophe Coenraets :: Flex and JMS: Portfolio Viewer :: More info
· Christophe Coenraets :: Google Maps Collaboration using Flex, Flash Media Server and Ajax
· David Brannan :: Exam Professor
· Ely Greenfield :: FishEye Component :: More info
· Ely Greenfield :: Interactive Bubble Chart :: More info
· EyeJot :: Video Messaging Service :: More info
· Fidelity :: Trading Knowledge Center :: More info
· :: A social networking site that allows users to create “personal pages where you can post pictures, upload video or audio and even draw or write stuff”
· FTDG & StarNetSys :: Dow Jones Averages Interactive Learning Center
· Joe Berkovitz :: ReviewTube :: YouTube videos with time-bases captions – “a graffiti wall for YouTube” :: More info :: Source code
· Joh. Enschedé :: Amsterdam Airport Noise Monitoring System :: More info
· Kevin Kazmierczak :: SQLAdmin :: Open source on SourceForge
· MediaCatalyst :: Sony Ericsson :: Phone Store
· Mindomo :: Mind Mapping
· Nahuel Forenda :: HomeLocator :: More info
· Nationwide :: Savings & Investment Navigator
· Rick Englert :: PicFindr :: Find copyleft picts :: More info
· ScrapBlog
· Trenitalia :: Real-Time Italian Train Info
· Yahoo :: Web-based IM App
· Yahoo :: Yahoo Maps

Flex Coding

October 25, 2008
AS3 Library For Amazon’s S3 Service
Digg :: Flash toolkit
Google Analytics PHP API
Google Gears :: Also, see the Google Gears section below
Yahoo Answers
Yahoo Mail
Yahoo Maps
Yahoo Search
Yahoo Weather
Cliff Hall :: PureMVC
Joe Berkovitz :: An architectural blueprint for Flex applications
Sean Levy :: Complete component communication solution for Flex :: Using ALON (Autonomous Linking Object Network Design Pattern)
Automated Code Generation
See the Automated Code Generation section on our Testing, Debugging & Agile Methods page.
Daniel Rinehart :: Programmatic Bindings
Ralph Hauwert :: Autocomplete component memory leak
Charting Components
Adobe :: Chart data drill down examples
Doug McCune :: Why I LOVE Flex – Charting example
Coding Conventions
DClick :: Adobe Flex Coding Guidelines
Collections, Libraries & Frameworks
Adobe :: corelib :: MD5 hashing, JSON serialization, advanced string and date parsing, and more
Adobe :: Flex Cookbook beta
Adobe :: Flex Scheduling Framework
Adobe :: Quick Starts :: Great stuff
Adobe :: RSS and Atom Libraries
Danny Patterson :: AS3 Lightweight Remoting Framework :: “a simple yet robust framework for handling remoting calls”
Faranta Systems :: daoFlex :: Automated generation of Java data access code
JAM :: Just ActionScript & MXML
Ely Greenfield :: Some thoughts on Flex vs. HTML (or…”how I made my Flex List Images stop flickering.”)
Stephen Gilson :: Creating Resizable and Draggable Flex Components
Context Menus
Kevin Hoyt :: Context Menus Revisited
Database Connectivity
Lukasz Blachowicz :: Asql :: Actionscript MySQL Driver
Matt MacLean :: asSQL :: Actionscript MySQL Driver
Drawing Etc.
Andrew Trice :: Flex 2 BitmapData Tricks and Techniques
Andrew Trice :: Realtime Thumbnails of Flex UIComponents :: More info
Jason Hawryluk :: Primitive Explorer :: More info
Ted Patrick :: Developing in Trees :: Adding sprites to the DisplayList :: Part 1 :: Part 2
Bruce Phillips :: Filtering an XML Object In ActionScript to Create Related Combo Boxes in Flex
Mike Morearty :: Common E4X pitfalls
Oliver Merk :: Flex Custom Events – Part 1
Tink :: Custom Events in AS 3.0 (don’t forget to override the clone method)
Google Gears
Google Gears :: “Three modules that address the core challenges in making web applications work offline”
LocalServer :: Cache and serve application resources (HTML, JavaScript, images, etc.) locally
Database :: Store data locally in a fully-searchable relational database
WorkerPool :: Make your web applications more responsive by performing resource-intensive operations asynchronously Christophe Coenraets :: Flex-based SQLAdmin for Google Gears
Alex Styler :: Flex, Yahoo! Maps & RSS Feeds
David Coletta :: Accelorator Decorations on Menus
Modularization, RSLs, Etc.
James Ward :: Faster Flex Applications: Shrink Your RSLs
James Ward :: Ajax and Flex Data Loading Benchmarks
Mark Piller :: Flex RemoteObject vs WebService benchmark
Nico Lierman :: Flex performance component
Physics Engines
Andre Michelle
Moto Flash Physics Engine
Timothée Groleau :: Scope Chain and Memory waste in Flash MX
Uncategorized Code Examples & Tips
Alastair Dawson :: Multiple File Upload with Flash and Ruby on Rails
Andrew Trice :: Benefits of defining a custom event type for data binding :: E.g. “[Bindable(event=”MyEvent”)]”
Andrew Trice :: Flex Search Mashup :: Uses AJAX Bridge :: More info
Andrew Trice :: Gantt Charts in Flex DataGrids in less than 1 hour!
Angus Johnson :: Datagrid Label Function Demo
Arpit Mathur :: Showing XML structure in a Tree
Ben Clinkinbeard :: Item Renderers in DataGrids – A Primer for Predictable Behavior
Ben Clinkinbeard :: Creating truly reusable renderers with ClassFactory
Brian Deitte :: Embedding HTML in a Flex application using an IFrame
Bruce Phillips :: Creating A Flex ButtonBar That Displays Tool Tips
Bruce Phillips :: Creating Web Page and Email Links In A Flex Application
Bruce Phillips :: Dynamically Create CheckBoxes, Their Labels, And Their Select Values In Flex
Bruce Phillips :: Example Of Using Modules In Flex 2.01
Bruce Phillips :: How To Create A FlexBook Component That Includes Content Pulled From A Database
Bruce Phillips :: How To Get Text To Wrap Correctly In A Flex DataGrid Column
Bruce Phillips :: Sort An ArrayCollection By Multiple Fields and Filter An ArrayCollection By Multiple Fields In Flex
Bruce Phillips :: Using the TileList Control :: Dragging Items From a TileList Control To A Container
Christophe Coenraets :: Building Collaborative Applications with Flex Data Services and Flash Media Server
Daniel Wanja :: Flex introspection API: describeType(value:*):XML :: Find a class’s superclass, methods, etc.
Darron Schall :: Convert Generic Objects into Class Instances
Dave Rangel :: A Form Validation Tool in Flex 2
David Coletta :: Call validateNow() after setting enabled to false
Derrick Grigg :: DataGrid ItemRenderer with filtering
Doug McCune :: Multi-line strings in Actionscript 3
Ely Greenfield :: Howdjoo do that? An interactive walkthrough of the DisplayShelf 3D tilting effect
Ely Greenfield :: Using Custom Data-Based Renderers in Charts
Ely Greenfield :: Dashed Lines
Fain, Rasputnis & Tartakovsky :: Advanced DataGrid Code Samples
Jesse Warden :: Checkbox Item Renderer :: Discusses how to catch their bubbling events
Joe Berkovitz :: An architectural blueprint for Flex applications
Joe Rinehart :: Semantically encapsulating effect sequences in Flex 2
Kelly Brown :: Accessing the Local File System with Flex
Mark Piller :: Mixing HTML and Flex using IFrame
Michael Labriolla :: Displaying XML-based DataGrids using dynamic E4X expressions
Michael Ramirez :: Flex DataGrid Paging Example with Source
Michael Ritchie :: Adding Drag-and-Drop & Drop Deny to DataGrid
Mike Morearty :: Transparent Flex Apps
Mike Teoti :: Flex 2 :: Tree :: Walking the Tree Method :: “the dataProvider rocks”
Paul Williams :: The World’s Smallest Tag? ::
Peter Elst :: Working with mx.core.Repeater
Peter Ent :: Coloring the Background of [DataGrid] Cells
Peter Ent :: Data Binding Tip :: “A simple way to enable/disable controls based on selection”
Peter Ent :: Filtering Collections
Peter Ent :: Tree Drag and Drop
Sergey Kovalyov :: Text control with truncateToFit property support
Renaun Erickson :: Flex 2 and Red 5 Chat Example :: Live example
Ted Patrick :: Code-Behind in Flex 2
Tink :: Drag & Drop
Tom Cornilliac :: Flex Builder Tip: Saving the generated AS3 code :: Use the compilers -keep option, examine your MXML’s AS3 code conversion!
Tracy Spratt :: Add components programmatically with addChild()
Tracy Spratt :: Hide-Show DataGrid Columns programmatically
Tracy Spratt :: Dynamic DataGrid columns
Victor Rubba :: DataGrid Search with Highlighted Matches
Yakov Fain :: Event-driven programming in Flex with Custom Events

Displaying charts in AdvancedDataGrid

October 19, 2008

Using charts as itemRenderers in DG and ADG is easy. Find the sample files here The sample uses a LineChart as itemRenderer for the third column and a PieChart in the child area. The column-spanning option available through RendererProviders is used to make the PieChart occupy the whole row. The sample shows use of HierarchicalData but even without that All chart types can be used as itemRenderes.

Programming ActionScript 3.0

October 16, 2008
  Programming ActionScript 3.0

Cairngorm Architecture

October 3, 2008

Understand the design challenges that Cairngorm addresses best, and the types of projects for which it is an appropriate skeleton for development.


October 3, 2008

I am trying to learn Cairngorm and am finding the resources severely lacking. I thought I’d document my experiences trying to learn Cairngorm with hopes someone will be able to tread the pass more easily than I.

Where do you go.

First off, where do you go to start reading about Cairngorm? Well, you can start at the Adobe Labs page on the framework. That will most likely lead you to Steven Webster’s 6 part series on developing Cairngorm apps. Let’s start with that series of articles.

Part 1 talks about frameworks in general, and gives a history of Cairngorm. It is a nice introduction and an easy read, but was unfortunately lacking any implementation details. It’s not a complete waste of time if you’re unfamiliar with frameworks.

Value Objects.

The second article starts to get a little meatier. How do you maintain state in a Rich Internet Application built with Flex? In a web app, you are trying to force state on a stateless system by using URL variables or cookies. With Flex, you are not dealing with a stateless client. The flash player can deal with state.

Steven comes up with an interesting way to describe state in an RIA. The state is the model (of Model View Controller). When you’re accessing a shopping cart, or user object you shouldn’t be accessing them stored on a web server somewhere. You should access this data stored as part of the client.

The next part of the article talks about the Value Object. A Value Object is a design pattern, where the object represents a single entity. That entity may be a product, a person, a company, an address, or anything you need. Steven says that these objects are now called Data Transfer Objects. Conceptually, they sound exactly like what most CF Developers call a Bean. You can check out this Blog entry for more info on Value Objects, Coldfusion, and Flex.

With Cairngorm you can use Value Objects to help easily keep the state on your server in sync with the state on your client. I can understand that, although the article doesn’t go into enough code detail for me to understand how to implement this.

Model Locator.

The second part of the article ends off by explaining the model locator pattern. This is a brand new pattern designed strictly for Flex RIA apps. Steven explains that model locators don’t apply to traditional web development or Java Development.

One powerful feature of Flex is data binding. When data changes, so does the display that uses the data. I got to admit it’s pretty powerful. When developing Flex with lots of components and relationships between the components, you have a problem of how to find the component that needs the data. You could start at the top level application and work down to the data, like this:


That will get the productGrid values from the textualList component which is in the storeView component. It can get to be pretty tedious. I can honestly say I’ve never used this approach in a Flex app, and I’m not sorry about it.

An alternate method is that you could pass lots of parameters in and out of your component. In the example above, the productList value would be a property in textualList, which would then be a property in storeView. You do a lot of coding to specify the properties and components. It seems like a waste of time since many components will do nothing other define the property and pass it’s value up or down. Unfortunately, this is a mistake I’ve made.

The model locator design pattern addresses the problem of how to access disparate data buried within different components that don’t have an easy link between them. It is a single component that components use to access data. For all data and binding there is a single entry point across your application. This does address the two problems above.

The model locator component of Cairngorm is implemented as a Singleton. A Singleton is a design pattern, where only a single instance of the object is created for your application.

Summary So, after reading the first two parts of this article, I can tell you that Cairngorm uses Value Objects and a Model Locator. I like both of those ideas, although do not yet understand how I put this knowledge into practice when building a Flex application. I will continue to write more as I learn more.