Flex 4.0 Thermo

Thermo IconWith Adobe Flex 4.0 to be launch in 2009 makes you wonder what they’re going to have in Flex 4.0 that they don’t have right now.

First off Thermo! Thermo will be new tool for the Flex developer community. It’s going to make it incredibly easy for a designer to design an application so the developer only has to code the actions to the design. It will help separate the development stage from the design. Having a work flow like this makes the end RIA a better performing application, which is also visually stunning. It allows the developer to concentrate on one thing and one thing only, development; vice versa for a designer.

Image of Thermo app
Fig 1.0
: Screen shot of the Main interface for Thermo

Improvements will also be made to MXML to make it even easier to develop with. Improvements such as new components, for example new vector primitive graphic tags. These tags will help in developing custom components as you will be able to draw primitive shapes directly through MXML.

Of course there are going to be improvements to the framework so that overall performance will be increased.

I think the 4.0 version will be released around the same time as CS4 as the interoperability will be amazing.

It is still a while off before the actual release of the next version, but this is for sure, Adobe is going to amaze us with the new capabilities and improvements.


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